A Few More Beats – And Maybe A New Sound

The sky was dark yesterday morning. These last few weeks I’ve been waking up to sunshine. Yesterday I knew it would be a different day. During the afternoon the sun picked up. Jumped into 28°C pool water. And I dove and I dove into the water trying to touch the bottom. The pool is an abyss; I never reach the bottom.

So I went to the library, and stayed there for four hours, borrowed 5 books and 4 cds. Some annoying asshole borrowed all the Bob Dylan circa 1960s cds and I had to settle for something else. Took the bus home. Drank water. Then I dove into the pool trying to reach the bottom once more. Because at the bottom of things we see ourselves clearly. At the bottom of things we find a mirror.

And as I expected it rained that night. At around 8 pm the sky darkened and thunder rolled like bowling bowls; Opening the windows I watched the summer storm lying on a red comforter with my feet up on the railings. Counting seconds after the lightning before hearing thunder, an approximation of how far away it all was from me. And it rained and it rained. And after the storm I tried to look at my reflection in the water, but I couldn’t see a thing, because raindrops were disturbing the puddles, making me look shattered, disrupted, blurry.

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