Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

Last week, the tiles on the kitchen floor started to swell, as if an octopus was lurking underneath, trying to get out. Then followed a strange sound, and suddenly the cement holding the tiles together started to crumble. Ah, construction in Qatar. At first glance everything looks ok, but the truth is that buildings here, and their finishings, are put together haphazardly.

This afternoon I took a nap, which lasted 5 hours. I woke up because of a bad dream where I was driving à la Qatari (meaning recklessly), and the road suddenly tilted upwards and I was practically vertical, the car almost tipping backwards.

There are a thousand interpretations for this dream but I’m too bored to even think about them. My mind, it’s mush. It’s filled with work and music and the biography of Marie Antoinette which what I’m currently reading. And my body feels different — I blame Julien, who is currently in this Healthy Zone Bubble. I find myself in the gym more and more, even though I pass my time on the treadmill wondering What’s The Point Of Running When The Goal Is Unknown And I’m Not Really Moving And Anyway I Know I’ll Never Get There?


West Bay is under constant, irritating, massive construction. Actually, ever since we moved here, practically half of the streets have been under heavy works. Orange cones protect nonsense construction (for example, there has been a hole in the middle of the sidewalk that hasn’t been closed for months – and poking out of this hole is a ladder… that leads to nothing but soil. Existential questions, all over again…), and now the roundabout leading to City Center has been closed (it’s being replaced with stoplights, finally), leaving clueless drivers to navigate a maze of diversions, which blatantly lack the appropriate arrows and road signs. It’s madness! No wonder I’ve been dreaming of reckless driving.


In response to all the hysteria, I plug my ears with math rock.

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