We were a Lovely Distraction, You and I

After a summer in Paris we’re back home. So far in Shanghai, it’s still warm and sunny save for the odd rainy day… not that I’m complaining. Summer is my season – I’m a happier, more agreeable person to be around when it’s warm and sunny. That’s just me. Hope our paths don’t cross during winter. I remember how miserable I was during those two years we spent in Moscow. Not saying that good times were nonexistent, but cold weather just sparks an existential crisis and internal panic in me.

Moving on (christ, did I just spend the first paragraph talking about the weather?!)

Cargo Bike

Something I’ve been mulling over since fostering Machi. Finding nothing suitable on Taobao, I made the trek to the bike shop Brook & Breeze. Their cargos were perfect for carting Machi around town, but too big and unwieldy for me to drive. Machi doesn’t fit at the foot of my electric scooter either, so for the meantime it’s lots of walkies around the neighborhood.

Orangey Scents

In Paris I stopped by L’Artisan Parfumeur and fell in love with their Histoire D’Orangers scent. It’s not something I’d usually go for, but man alive did it smell ah-mah-zing! The saleslady zoomed in on my enthusiasm, and I left the store poorer than ever but smelling like I’d spent all afternoon in an orange grove. That’s a good thing.

Rotating Sandwiches

I’ve got qualms about where the internet has taken us as a society, but then I stumble upon something so utterly adorable and all is forgiven – just like this collection of rotating sandwiches. Because there’s nothing better than hypnotic 360° views of hoagies, BLTs, reubens and subs.


Music-wise, there are a lot of new albums dropping: I’m absolutely digging Gaz Coombes‘s Turn the Car Around, Blonde Redhead‘s Sit Down for Dinner, Wilco‘s Cousin and Animal Collective‘s Isn’t It Now? (which I still have to listen to.) What have you guys been listening to lately?

Wallabee Fever

Clarks and clothing brand GOD SELECTION XXX have collaborated on their version of the classic low-top Clarks Wallabee! Welp, I love everything about it, from the traditional crepe soles to that lovely tan suede decorated with the brand’s signature two-typeface monogram. Come to momma!


Finished season 4 of Breeders, which stars Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard. I was an instant fan of Freeman’s rages, the constant cussing, that dry British humor, and the way the actors played parents who had no idea what they were doing. Is this really the final season? This show will be missed.


So who else is in love with Loewe’s SS24 collection? I love the super high-waist pants and chunky oversized sweaters. And this plant-and-flower top… ouf! It’s killing me. Ever the realist, though, I know I could never wear this outfit because me so smol *cry*

Currently listening to:
Blonde Redhead
Sit Down for Dinner

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