A Car’s Long Weekend Escapade

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever lost? My answer would be: a car.

Okay, I didn’t actually lose it, it was stolen. From our private underground parking lot. Private “securisé” underground parking lot, the one that has two remote control-operated gates.

Paris during the school holidays is pretty quiet, so I figured the car thieves thought, let’s hit this car, it hasn’t moved in months!

Hassle involved finding someone to look after Lila while I took care of the administrative side of things: going to the police to file a complaint, heading over to the insurance company with a million papers. In short, it was a downer. It robbed me of the joy of my remaining days in Paris.

But three days later at 11:30 in the evening, I get a call from the police saying that my car’s been found in an impound lot some 45 minutes away from where I live.

As expected, the car won’t start, they ripped out some interior casing and tossed out the carseat, but nothing hurt and angered me more than the fact that they’d thrown the CD that was in the stereo to the floor and STEPPED ALL OVER IT (shoe marks were all over the CD). What, you don’t like the latest Parquet Courts? Is it not bad boy music enough for you? Fucking idiots.

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