Autumn of Our Discontent

I miss the days when we had pop-up food trucks instead of pop-up lockdowns. The October holidays – much anticipated by the Chinese, being one of the two major holidays in a year – ended on a sour note. To be fair things were sour from the beginning. But now it’s just a science experiment gone awry. And we’re all watching it unfold without being able to look away.

A building in my compound has been roped closed due to a “close contact case”. That’s all I needed to know to immediately go online and start ordering groceries. The PTSD is real, folks. This isn’t looking good, and boy are we ever the fuck in the middle of it all! People are unsure of what to do – do we still go out? Do we cancel plans? Do we still even fucking care? – but quite a few acquaintances who are back in the doghouse haven’t a choice but to chill out for the next 2 to 7 days. Or eternally. We haven’t got any muscle to flex in this department, and even if we ever did, why bother when we are all so, so very tired of it all?

The weather did not cooperate either, segueing from summer to winter in the blink of an eye. Always a fucking traitor, the weather.

To remind me of sunny summer days (which we were enjoying until three days ago!) here’s a short video I shot aboard ScootScoot, from Fumin Lu to Julu Lu. A personal reminder of how gorgeous Shanghai and my ‘hood are. And something to look back on after we’ve left.

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