I Love You Phillip Morris


I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s latest film. Oh wait, maybe I can. Hilarious. Or Excessive (I mean that in a good way). Or, like the French say, terrible (which doesn’t mean it’s terrible, but the opposite. Go figure.)

Yesterday was movie night for Jul and me; the last film we’d seen together at the cinema was Gran Turino, so you can guess how fucking long ago that was. Thank god for the visiting inlaws. So we browsed the Now Showing section of the UGC website and watched all the trailers and decided that we wanted to see something light and funny because goddam it, these days, between diapers and a wailing child and this damn weather we’re having, we desperately needed a good laugh. So we booked our tickets, hauled ass to the cinema, scarfed down some pho before the movie, bought a bucket of popcorn…

My deepest, darkest secret is that I laugh my head off at Ace Ventura 2 (only the second one, mind you – if that redeems me). If I catch it on HBO, I’ll watch it. I love Jim Carrey in certain films; I think he’s an excellent actor, and I love him in I Love You Philip Morris. And for a while there I sneered each time I’d see trailers of Ewan McGregor’s recent films (seriously, Ewan… from Trainspotting to Angels and Demons? But then you could be thinking, “Seriously, Kala… Ace Ventura?” Touché.) But damn, I’m glad he chose to act in this one!

If you’re homophobic, meaning if you are a loser, then you’d better skip this one, which will make you a bigger loser than you already are because it’s one of those films that make you wish directors directed more of, and producers produced more of (hey, Executive Producer = Luc Besson). Seriously, go see it, you’ll love it. I swear. It’s a true story too! Like I said, enorme.

PS. I was wondering where I’d seen Rodrigo Santoro, the guy who plays Jimmy, all throughout the movie. If you’re wondering as well, he plays the guy who steals diamonds and dies in an episode of Lost.

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