Loop Lust

Take a good look at this, because this is what my current object of lust looks like! Lionel, visiting from Lyon, brought his Boss RC20 LoopStation along. You can record a riff and loop it to play back while you overdub layers and layers of sound, until it feels like there are 20 people playing along with you. It’s amazing, believe me, a total headrush. Joseph Arthur is a great acoustic looper; I saw him live when he opened for R.E.M. (and now you must get his album). I created a loop the other day but wasn’t able to save it; in my excitement I just recorded over it, and in typical Kala fashion, I erased that loop as well. Er.

I am by no means a pro guitar player but I do get these melodies in my head that I would like to keep; and it would be nice to have a copy, you know, like the way we write our dreams down sometimes. LoopStation! I want, I want. I want one so much it hurts! And the best thing of all is that it comes in the colour pink!!!

+ + +

The blender is now officially my favourite kitchen appliance (it’s used for reheating food, right? Just kidding, pft.) The other night we made margaritas for our guests and we all – well… I – got reasonably tipsy, but proceeded to level up when the margaritas ran out and someone had the idiotic idea to continue with rosé wine (me!!!) And then we all decided to go for a swim (at midnight). The pool closes as soon as the sun sets, but someone hauled himself over the gate and opened it (not me!!!) The four of us started for the water, giggling like morons, when we realised that the pool was already occupied and, uh, being used by a couple for sexy time. You could tell they were nervous, probably thought it was the residence’s guardian. We went back home to give them a couple of hours to finish up, deciding to watch a movie, and before the movie ended I was asleep.

We are taking advantage of our beeyootiful residence. We are booked with summer guests and it’s so much fun to have friends come round. The last hurrah?

Um and we make a lot of fruit shakes too.

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