Major BooBoo

During the Spanish revolution, Emilio Aguinaldo held court for Filipino freedom in Cavite, and Andres Bonifacio in Manila. Since it was inevitable that these two powerful forces joined, the two leaders set a date, a time, and a plan for the First Revolutionary Battle of the Philippines as a whole against the Spaniards.

The plan was that Bonifacio would signal the attack by closing the lights of Luneta Park in Manila, which, back then, was easily within sight from Cavite. And so I can only imagine Aguinaldo and his troops peering into the darkness, waiting for the lights of Luneta to go out. Imagine them gripping their rusty guns and molotov cocktails and the smell of sweet sweet revenge and revolution in the air! Imagine the agitation and pent-up energy of a hundred men who were sick and tired of having the Spaniards stick their Spanish oppression crap up their noses… Just comeon Bonifacio, what the hell is taking you so long…? We want bloodshed and our country back from these jackasses!

The ending of the story is that the supposed First Revolutionary Battle of the Philippines as a whole against the Spaniards took place 6 months after said date because apparently, and I kid you not, Andres Bonifacio fell asleep in Luneta and forgot to carry out the signal of the battle. He woke up at 4 the next morning.

Yes, this is the guy on our ten-peso bill!

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