Not Very Effective

Jesus, the apartment is a mess. This is because I am the world’s worst packer. Now that the cartons have been delivered, my method is to empty closets and cabinets and dump them on the living room floor… then watch a movie. The other method I have is to pull all the books off the cabinets, scatter them on the floor, leaf through them one by one, and then take a bath. As you see, this is not Effective Packing Behavior.

As a result, everything we own is now lying on the living room floor. I enjoy folding up moving boxes, but I can’t seem to put things in them.

Yesterday evening though, I decided to seriously haul ass, and managed, with much difficulty and three cups of coffee, to get most of the books into boxes.

I am feeling proud of myself. To celebrate, I have removed all the contents of the kitchen cupboards and dumped them on the kitchen floor.

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