One Foot in Summer, The Other Still Undecided

Hello, Paris! Nice to see you again! I’ve been back for several days now. It’s nice to be back. Happy to report that the weather is giving France a bit of hope lately – in Paris, it alternates between toasty heat and scary thunderstorms, but I don’t hear anyone complaining. Winter jackets have been stowed back into the depths of closets (where they belong), and that’s probably the highlight of everyone’s year.

This trip would be perfect if only I didn’t have sinusitis. Have you ever had it? It’s horrible. Had it when I took the plane and believe me, it makes the taking off and landing part hell. There is a constant pain in your temples, a continuous build-up of phlegm in your throat, runny nose… and also – because those symptoms aren’t enough – toothache. My voice has cracked and I sound like someone who’s been smoking an entire pack of Gauloises everyday… for the past ten years. End point is: sinusitis sucks a million percent. I’m done with home remedies and Dolirhume tablets; I’m marching to the doctor tomorrow and demanding antibiotics.

My kid has declared life in Paris “more funner” and I’m wondering how to lure her back to the plane to Algiers.

But life goes on and during the bursts of energy provided by said Dolirhume I’ve been seeing friends, visiting exhibits, meeting new people and having al fresco dinners because dammit, we already skipped spring, so let’s get on with summer!

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