Safety’s Off, But the Gun Has No Trigger

It was a lovely week, my lovelies, despite the rain and the sluggish weather. Lila went the entire week without pulling her spaghetti legs trick on me during our morning walk to school, I was able to squeeze in an exhibit before school pickup, and then for this week’s date night Julien and I went to this fabulous restaurant in the 8th and got fricking drunk (it pays to take the metro back home, although the babysitter found it less amusing as we kept giggling like idiots at our inability to count out the correct amount of money we owed her). And then on Thursday, I went to La Gaite Lyrique to watch the Dirty Projectors!

First time at Gaîté Lyrique: what can I say? See that ceiling?  That’s the bar. It looked like frickin” Versailles, but filled with hipsters in their skinny jeans and text tattoos and Buddy Holly glasses, drinking overpriced beer in special plastic cups that you had to return to the bar (because the cups had ‘Gaîté Lyrique’ or something  printed on them; very cool and maybe a bit pretentious but who cares? A bit of pretentiousness can’t hurt given the circumstances, right?) I must return to check out the rest of the museum.

Don’t remember much about the band that opened for them, obviously their music didn’t make an impact on me, but I wormed my way up to the front and was able to watch the band up close and I didn’t have any moron jumping in front of me, blocking my view. They’ve been around for almost ten years but I only really got into them with 2009’s Bitte Orca and even then I was a lukewarm listener… Swing Lo Magellan to me sounds like their tightest record to date. Just my opinion. It’s a fun record. It also helps that I have an insane crush on Dave Longstreth.

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