Song Mood: Wake Up

You know those days, don’t you – those days when you aren’t motivated at all to get out of bed? I have conducted various experiments over the years and have come to the conclusion that music is extremely helpful in dragging your body out of the warm, comfortable covers and into the cruel world … So here I am, still in bed with my computer on my lap, putting together the first 5 Wake Up songs that come up on shuffle. (I tell ya, I’ve been skipping through a lot of songs; my iPod seems to be comprised of 60% sad bastard music.) I’ll get up after posting this.

Joe CockerFeeling Alright
Right. Listen to this and don’t tell me you can’t get up from bed.

Black KeysTighten Up
It is my opinion that most of the Black Keys songs can be played as soon as you open your eyes; this, however, was the first song of theirs that came up.

MorrisseyThe More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
I find this song such a mood picker-upper… maybe because I put it on during sluggish mornings myself, and probably because of the catchy guitar riffs, but most definitely because of Morrissey’s hilarious, self-centered lyrics that never fail to make me laugh.

Mardi Gras.BBPsychoflute
My first job after graduating from college was working at a music store; when I’d be on morning shift, I’d hang out in the jazz section because I knew Chi, the resident jazz guy, would be playing Mardi Gras.BB while tidying up rows of CDs. It was his coffee…

FoxygenOh Yeah
I just got this record. I’m still not sure how I feel about it (I need to listen to it a bit more), but now that this song is playing while still in bed, and I’m thinking yeah, sure, I’ll get up to this…

There are other songs I’d like to see in there, but the rules are the first five ones that come up on shuffle, so there you go! Get up, lazy bastards!

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