These Last Couple of Months

It’s been a while, how are you guys? Lila and I spent some time in the Philippines, Julien joined us for two weeks, and now we are back in Saudi, scratching our heads in bewilderment, wondering how we got back here. Manila was great as always, although we had our fair share of bad luck: a day after Julien arrived, Lila tripped and knocked her head, prompting a trip to the emergency room, an emergency surgery, an overnight stay at the hospital and five stitches between her eyes. She was on antibiotics for a week, and after seven days we woke up to find her covered head to toe in red spots, earning her the nickname “Tiny McScratchy”. We still aren’t sure if it was from the antibiotics or the sunscreen (we were at Punta Fuego during that time), but whatever it is, I hope it never happens again.

Manila hasn’t changed; it’s still the happiest, noisiest, most in-your-face place on earth. I was slightly baffled though to see some girls wearing boots… Oh well, fashion has no boundaries. And I ate tons of food and gained tons of weight. I regret nothing!

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