Underground Cisterns

Visiting the underground Cistern was met with extreme joy – mainly because it was 40°C outside, and losing a few degrees was a welcome respite.

Dim orange light, carp fish swimming in the water, water dripping from the ceiling: dating back to the sixth century A.D., the underground cistern is about the size of two football fields (but only 400 yards are open to the public), has 336 columns, and is jaw-droppingly amazing.

The Medusa heads (there are two, actually, with the other one lying sideways) are located at the far end of the cistern. They say that the heads, which were used as protectors of temples in Roman times, were left in the cisterns once Christianity took hold.  But others say that architects needed them as a base to raise the columns to their proper height. Whatever the purpose, it”s downright creepy (and ultimately, very cool).

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