Week Two

Some observations after two weeks in Saudi:

It’s true, there are no fitting rooms in clothes shops! We were at Dharan Mall and I just had to see if this was an urban legend or not. Apparently, it isn’t. There are fitting rooms, however, in the toilets. But for someone like me who has a hard time finding jeans that fit correctly, I predict that this set-up is going to be a pain.

There are stores here that sell musical instruments. Still not clear exactly how music is banned here in Saudi, but in the malls or shops you don’t hear any music playing in the background.

I mentioned that the abayas here do a good, nay, great job of hiding one’s shape, but women make up for it by displaying their signature and very expensive handbags. Jesus, practically every Saudi woman I’ve seen wears signature handbags/shoes.

Julien says he’s seen some, but so far I have not seen any salesladies in shops.

There are ‘family’ and ‘single’ sections in restaurants here.  It’s wild seeing booths in restos being sectioned off with wooden panels for the privacy of some families. WILD. I wish I could take pictures, but I’m afraid of getting caught. Seems like everything is a crime here.

I’m supposed to get my medical exams done for my iqama (resident card) soon. It was an unforgettable enough experience in Qatar, so I can’t wait to see how it goes here in Saudi. Hum.

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