22 Years Later, My Bloody Valentine Release a New Album

The website of My Bloody Valentine crashed last night after they announced that they’d be releasing their new album in the following hours. I was up till 2 am, absolutely freaking out, until I got the copy.

And so, 22 years after the release of Loveless, the band of my heart, whose songs have accompanied me to so many places and through so many life-changing events, has finally released a new album. Nine new songs, and my heart absolutely breaks over each one of them. I’m lost once again in their sound, which is so familiar and so new at the same time. It’s like Christmas, 2 months late.

I try to listen to a lot of new music because it’s important to evolve musically and not be stuck in the past. But who am I kidding? More often than not I listen to my favorite albums on repeat – I’m sentimental like that – and MBV is one of those bands I always come back to. Their songs are my personal time machine.

On the band’s Youtube page, someone commented, “This makes me feel less afraid of getting old.” I so agree. Damn music, gets me every time. Dramatic, you say? Well fuck you too 🙂

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