The Streets of Paris, After the Rain

In winter, there are lots of days when you wake up to: rain, dark clouds, snow, snow turning into rain (the most irritating thing ever), slush, or more rain.

Add to that temperatures with a negative symbol preceding the number. Or a zero, if you’re lucky. Winter breeds laziness and makes you hide under the covers because you just can’t be bothered to put on 3 layers of clothing for a 15-minute walk where you will most probably freeze to death anyway.

But I seriously try to fight these feelings of laziness because there is so much to do and so many things happening in the real world. I woke up one morning to nonstop rain, and I forced myself to the shower, threw on layers of clothes, compiled a Rainy Winter Day playlist for my iPod, and applied make-up (waterproof, of course). After going through all that trouble, there was no backing out – I had to leave the house. Sure, I got wet. The metro was slippery from all the dripping umbrellas and my boots were in a sad state from sinking into one too many potholes. But after spending several hours in a museum, I emerged to see — sunlight! And blue skies! And the pavement was still glistening from the rain and there were so many people out and everyone was smiling and everything looked beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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My Bloody Valentine

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