4 Months

Almost four months. Christmas lights installed and then put away, train rides from the north to south, snow and rain and sun and wind. Time passes, you grow, we live. Nights growing longer and sleep getting deeper, smiles in the bathtub, cries and tantrums, books being read. Emergency room trips and bandages and tears. Us singing songs you will never remember, the warmth of my embrace I hope you’ll never forget. Time passes, you grow, we live. You on my knees, you in my arms. The light in your eyes upon seeing your favorite toy. No more sleeping in my arms; you’re too big for that now. From your crib, beside me, to your room, alone. You waking from nightmares, whatever baby nightmares you have, and me smoothing your forehead, smoothing the monsters away. The days and the nights and the lullabies we sing. The snow falling, the snow melting, the footsteps vanishing into pavement. You in my heart. Always, always. Time passes, you grow. We live.

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