Saturday Night Fevers, Teethers

Julien is sick with a stomach bug, fever and chills. He’s currently wrapped up in our thickest comforter and moaning about the loss of his long-awaited weekend. Lila is teething. At least, we suspect she is teething. (We want to look at her gums, but each time we open her mouth she sticks out her tongue.) She drools all over the place, she babbles nonstop, she chews at her fists with a vengeance.

The weekends are supposed to be my days off, but given the circumstances and the rainy weather it seems that I have to put off my several-hours-of-feeling-like-my-old-self till next weekend. So here I am in the kitchen, with Conan O’Brien’s last ever episode of the Tonight Show playing in the background (I love you Conan. And I hate you Jay Leno), eating leftover cake from last Thursday. Damn that’s pathetic.

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