Asian-ize Your Christmas Tree

Whenever winter comes along, there is no question that I will get obsessed with Christmas ornaments. I’m genuinely shocked by people who don’t put up Christmas trees. Putting one up has always been my year’s highlight. It’s not a Gather ’round, family, let us put this tree up together in the spirit of joy and Christmas cheer event for me, but rather a Get away, this is my tree situation. Yes, I’m fucking selfish about it. No, I don’t care what you think. One year early in our relationship Jul attempted to help me set up our tree and feedback was that I was “fucking mental.” Best leave me to it then, I remember telling him, outwardly acting put off but inwardly smiling, knowingly, at my ornaments and tree. I believe I even winked at them, as if we shared a private joke.

Anyway, although it’s only November, I’ve already gone down the rabbit hole of Christmas tree decorations, and I’m blown away by the lovely selection of Asian food/condiments ornaments:

Right?! Find them on Cody Foster, Old World Christmas, Kurt Adler and Glitterville.

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