On the Chaise Longue

Things have changed so fast here in China in a week that it’s given me whiplash. Restrictions are being lifted one at a time, and practically everyday we’re handed back bits of our freedom (“freedom”?) from life pre-Covid. I’m very ecstatic about it. But it leaves everyone, myself included, baffled about everything that happened. What then, was the two-month lockdown about? That entire show, that entire drama of PCR tests and quarantine centers and the endless propaganda… what was that all about? That said, I’ll take it.

What I can say is this: There is an unshakeable bond between the 25 million people who survived April to June 2022 in Shanghai. It’s generated some sort of Fight Club code. We stayed, we endured. What a ride.


Also, my Album of the Year is Wet Leg. Gawd, the lyrics of Chaise Longue!

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Wet Leg

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