Damn the Spam (Plus, Rain!)

Last week it rained for almost a week here in Qatar. Drivers, confused, got into accidents. (”Why is water falling from the sky? How strange. I shall drive faster than usual!”) Endless Doha construction didn’t help either (”I am a pothole and covered in water, therefore I am invisible to man and their cars, cars will fall into me and I will block traffic for hours!”) And then some people like me stayed indoors and relished the sight of rain after almost a year of sun. (”Wow, it’s raining!”)

And then this blog got spammed, causing my web host to shut it down. I got off with 72 hours of shutdown and a second warning, and I am angry at spam, I am, I am.

The temperature then dropped, sometimes down to 7°C at night, resulting in cough and colds and panic sweater-shopping. We were given one measly heater, which doesn’t heat much unless you stand 2mm away from it. I have been held hostage in my room by the cold, where I work covered with two comforters, a cup of tea, my iPod, several books to read, and the useless electric heater pitifully trying to prove its worth.

So to summarize, winter has arrived in Qatar. And also, the spam thing.

I promised that I would write more often, so I probably will.


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