Golden Slumbers

If you think that there’d be less cars on the road during Ramadan, you are sorely mistaken. From 8h to 14h, the streets are clogged with impatient, thirsty, fasting commuters. It’s madness!

But during the daytime, between 15h up until 19h, the streets are unusually quiet. Since the risk of getting run over at this time of the day is slim, we took a stroll around our neighborhood.

Ah, our neighborhood…

We live in an area surrounded by construction. There is a stretch of road that’s been under construction ever since we moved here – that’s more than a year ago – and has remained untouched to this day. The worst part is that it’s in front of the French school, which makes traffic even worse (our area houses 3 schools – the French school, the Lebanese school, and the Qatar International school).

But last Friday was tranquil, the roads were empty, and the construction workers were absent. When all these buildings will be finished, the skyline will most probably be impressive; but as of now, it’s nothing but bordel.

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