Hit it, Shuffle!

One thing I care very much about is my iPod. I love the damn icon of consumerism to bits. Music! Videos! Photos! Everywhere I go! I watched episodes of Happy Tree Friends on it while I standing in queue at the supermarket, and by the end of three episodes the group of 5 Indian men were laughing over my shoulder, watching along. Only an iPod can bring countries together through cute, pastel-coloured cartoon characters plunging to their violent deaths.

I’ve gotten the hang of Doha roads with the iPod on shuffle in the background, and I keep rediscovering songs I’d forgotten I loved. And discovering so many badass new ones as well.

On the way to Doha Golf Club earlier, above me was a beautiful sky, and before me a long stretch of desert road with hardly any cars, empty roundabouts and so many beautiful songs… a welcome escape for people whose hearts do somersaults to a song that knocks them off their feet.

Currently listening to:
Marissa Nadler
Songs lll: Bird on the Water

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