Let Them Eat Cake

For those who are stuck in Paris this summer: I suggest an evening in Versailles to visit Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes (Fountains Night Show), which takes place every Saturday night from… well, this Saturday (technically, 2 Saturdays ago) up to 7 September.

I got tickets for Julien’s birthday and it was a great way to pretend that the Versailles gardens were open just for him (even though we were surrounded by thousands of people) and that I had orchestrated it all. He politely ignored me whenever I would say things like “See the fountains dancing along to the classical music? That’s my gift to you. Happy birthday!”, “See the light show? I hope you like it”, and “It was really hard to rent those bubble machines, but it was all worth it, don’t you think so?”

If you’ve ever been to the Versailles gardens (which are free of charge) then you might be familiar with the bosquets, but seeing them in the evening all lit up with the fountains dancing is breathtaking. Tickets are surprisingly affordable (we paid around 20 euros per person via FNAC). The only thing is that being summer, it wasn’t completely dark during the fireworks show (which starts at 11pm and lasts for about 20 minutes) but if you want a magical, romantic evening stroll that ends in fireworks, GO. Oh, and forgive the crappy-quality pictures. The gardens open at 9pm and the fireworks show starts at 11pm.

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