You Think You Can Do These Things But…

Fucking hell, talk about itchy fingers! Four months after my attempt to give myself a haircut (and failing miserably: my hair is still uneven by 2 inches on one side), here I am again, fighting the urge to chop my hair off. I was mumbling about my desire to give myself another haircut an hour ago, then started looking for pictures online to inspire me. Afterwards, predictably, the idea started to seem more and more brilliant so I dug out my thinning scissors (I found them!) and started measuring how short I wanted my hair to be.

At the first strains of expressing my desire to “even out” my hair, Julien exhibited A) Suspicion, B) Skepticism, C) Forced Nonchalance and D) Panic. Just as I was about to make the first snip, he lunged at me, hustled me to the guest room, shook me by the shoulders and, using a pop culture reference he knew I would relate to, cried out almost hysterically: “You think you can do these things but you can’t, Nemo!”

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